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KINUH every day is an adventure, the feeling of a carefree lifestyle and joy is your natural state of wellbeing.
Come and discover the wonders that this beautiful land has to offer to you.


The archeological site continues to be respected as a place of pilgrimage and worship. According to tradition, Our Lady of X’cambó appeared at the site over 50 years ago, that is why it’s worshiped in a chapel built on the prehistoric buildings. In addition to its historic value, it is surrounded by a lush ecological setting. Every year during the month of May, they honor the Virgin Mary with a traditional and colorful celebration. You may visit the site Monday through Sunday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, located three miles from Telchac Puerto and one mile from KINUH.


Home to the most exotic bird species of the Yucatan peninsula, including pink flamingos. Nothing is more fascinating than taking a stroll down the estuary leading to the ocean to visit mangrove tunnels, salt ponds, and bird watching.


An ideal place for swimming and to enjoy a good rest. Wander through the town square; admire the small pier and lighthouse that give the place a very peculiar style. Nearby is the beautiful Laguna Rosada, home of the migratory birds and Uaymitun, pink flamingo refuge.


Every year beautiful migratory birds arrive to winter here, with species such as the Canadian duck, among others. Another site worthy of a visit is the former fortifications built to protect ancient people from pirate attacks.


Stroll down the boardwalk ad you enjoy the ocean breeze and delicious regional cuisine in any of the restaurants that border the dock. The setting is unique and its tourist amenities make Progreso the most vital port of the area. Progreso is the place to be for water sports from windsurfing to kayaking.


Considered one of the oldest Mayan cities, the name means “The place where there is writing on flat stones.” Another feature of the site is its open cenote called Xlacah, located at km. 14 on the Merida-Progreso highway, open daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Every March 21st and September 21st is the site of an archaeo-astronomical phenomenon at sunrise in the Temple of the Seven Dolls; this is the most important equinox phenomenon in this area.


Merida, a fascinating city with a population of over 830,000 of mainly Spanish and Maya descent, is known for its vibrant and cultural atmosphere. Paseo and Prolongacion Montejo are known for their fine restaurants, cafes and shops, a great place for visitors to go to during their stay.


The adventure begins in the town of Chunkanan; after a trip of a few km we reach the first cenote, known as Chelemtun (in a cavern with easy access via a staircase with a maximum depth of 20 m); the second, Chacsinicchee, is just a few kilometers away, recommended for diving; and finally, the most impressive: Bolonchojol or “the mousetrap with nine entries,” covered by a large dome through which the sunlight is filtered, painting the crystalline waters a cobalt blue.


Declared World Heritage by UNESCO and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World in 2007.

The heritage of the Izaes extends past the Main Esplanade to the Observatory, the Sacred Cenote, the Ball Court and Temple of the Thousand Columns. This archaeological site holds one of the most impressive constructions created by the Mayas: the Pyramid of Kukulkan, where every year during the spring and fall equinox on March 21st and September 22nd, a magical play of light and shadow recreates the appearance of Kukulkan, the feathered snake as it gradually descends the pyramid to Earth; with the reverse occurring during the summer and winter solstice. The site is open every day from 8:00am until 5:00pm, and a daily sound and light show takes place at 5:00pm with simultaneous translation.